♫ Episode #32 – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about DACs (Digital-Analog Converters)

By Kirk on December 23, 2016

Chris Connaker of the Computer Audiophile website explains what a DAC is, how it works, and a whether you need one. (And how you already have lots of them.)

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Show notes:

The Computer Audiophile website

DACs – digital-analog converters:

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  • Super rich in information guys. Easy to understand for those of us who are not computer audio sophisticated but still have interest in improving sound quality. Your series of podcasts are so very interesting and informative. THANK YOU

  • Good stuff, gang. The only thing that bothered me about Apple ditching the headphone jack wasn’t really anything that Apple did. It was all the people who didn’t know what they were talking about regarding audio, such as thinking there was a such thing as digital sound, or that “analog” was archaic technology, or that somehow that analog jack was what was limiting the audio quality from an iPhone. The only thing limiting audio quality on an iPhone was everything Apple did before that jack, not the jack.