♫ Episode #49 – Common Misconceptions about iTunes

By Kirk on April 21, 2017

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  • Determining Gapless Playback. A couple of times iTunes has stopped remembering that added files have been checked for gapless playback and every time I open iTunes it rechecks tracks that have already been checked. Tracks added before that point are OK but the number increases each time you add new tracks until it is a major delay for a large library. I have not found any way to correct the problem except to start over and create a new library.

    • I’ve been able to cure a lot (but not all) of these problems by converting the .mp3 files to .aac format.

      Of course, once I got the number down, the process goes so much faster that I can’t tell which tracks are still screwed up (by the time I can click on the ‘in process’ icon, it’s already done and I can’t see the name of the track).

      • It just seems to increase regardless of the format of the songs that are added, like it picks a point and everything after that are just added to the list and rechecked every time you open iTunes. Like you say it does happen quickly however when you get up to 1000 or more it is just annoying. Seems like there should be a fix. In older versions of iTunes you could turn it off.

  • Thanks Doug, for the tip about BMB covers – never noticed that! (funny!)
    As for the rest of the show, I’d pretty much figured out all those things over the years… mostly thru mistakes of course. I do all kinds of things with Smart Playlists and am stunned at iTunes users who don’t use them at all. (“smart playlists? what are those?” duh)
    My most recent epiphany is that I can designate “prime versions” of tracks by using the checkbox, and restricting smart pls to only use checked versions. That way I don’t end up with 4 copies of ‘She Loves You’ or something.
    And another trick I’ve learned is to use the grouping tag. I tag all holiday music with “xmas” in grouping, and then can make a rule to exclude xmas music from a lot of smart playlists.

  • I love iTunes, but I hate DRM. I appreciate the need to compensate artists for their work, and I am happy to do that. But once I have purchased a film or TV show (or the right to view it), I do not want to be limited to viewing the content only within iTunes (or the iOS / Apple TV equivalent). I want to use the player of my choice. It would be great if Apple (and Amazon and other companies) separated the content from the player.

    • It was pretty hard to get the record labels to agree to that, and I think getting movie and TV studios to go that route is nearly impossible. Not that it prevents piracy in any way; you can find pretty much any available movie or TV series pirated.

  • my ears perked up when the discussion turned to albums, but alas it went in the complete opposite direction I was hoping. Instead of looking for incomplete albums what I desire is a way to only browse complete ones. This is what I miss most of physical media (record or CD). In the old days it was simple, you could tell by the size of the record if it was a complete album (12″ EPs aside). I have tried adding a tag in the Grouping section of the file metadata but this is manual and if I forget to do it I don’t know where to pick up when I remember.