♫ Episode #53 – Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour

By Kirk on May 19, 2017

We welcome author and Dylanologist Andrew Muir to talk about Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour, and his recent concerts in the UK.

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This week’s guest:

Show notes:

Bob Dylan’s gambler’s hat:

Dylan with hat

Full audio of Bob Dylan’s concert in Bournemouth, May 4, 2017:

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  • Because I favour Bob Dylan above all other musical artists, I loved this episode. I’m seeing him next month in little Kingston, Ontario, so thanks for the preview. I was especially pleased that Kirk and Andrew both appreciate the Sinatra phase that Dylan is going through. I go back and forth on the subject, but I’m convinced that when Bob’s fans react negatively to his latest incarnation, they are wrong to do so. It’s surely true that Bob is deeply passionate about this music, and that is enough for me.

    By the way, Kirk, I have a bootleg set of CD’s you may not be aware of that contain the complete Grateful Dead / Bob Dylan California soundboard rehearsals for the tour together in 1987. I’d be happy to mail them to you if you’ll agree to return them in due course. They are much more compelling than the Dylan and the Dead release that you correctly identify to be disappointing.

    • Thanks, I already have them. That’s why I think I said in the show that the rehearsals are better than the concerts (unless Doug edited that out).