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  • Whoa whoa whoa. Big time flag on a tiny dismissive comment.

    Love you guys, love the show.

    Doug mentions in a brief aside that “hey, listen to Sgt Pepper if you want, I’ll take the mono mix…” Way too dismissive, I’m not sure if you’ve even done the homework to make that comment.

    Enough with exploring scratchy rare Dylan B-sides, sit yerself down, put on the cans, and spin that new thang. Or, be all grown up and spin the 5.1. Either way, prepare to be re-calibrated.

    Seriously, duder does a remix of the most identifiable cultural touchstone in 50 years, and you took a little micro-crap on it, IMHO. Y’all can do better.

    • We both listened to it, and neither of us were impressed. I can totally respect people who were; it just comes down to personal taste.

      We were actually planning on doing a show about the new release, but we both felt is wasn’t worth spending a half hour talking about it (and that there wasn’t that much that we could say, without getting into finicky details about the difference between the original mixes and the remix).