The Next Track Podcast in The Guardian

By Kirk on June 16, 2017

We were chuffed to see a mention of The Next Track podcast in The Guardian the other day, in an article entitled: The best radio this week: Chuck Berry, ‘the first black hillbilly’.

We didn’t talk about Chuck Berry, but the article summed up some of the most interesting radio shows in the UK that week. At the end, writed David Hepworth said:

Finally, if you’re the kind of person for whom the words “Common misconceptions about iTunes” or “Ten ways to connect your computer to your stereo” have a strange fascination then you might like the podcast from The Next Track, which is all about “how people listen to music today”. It’s hosted by two men called Doug and Kirk who could clearly talk about this sort of stuff for ever. Thanks to podcasting, they get the opportunity to do just that.

Thanks, David!

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