Episode #72 – What’s New in iTunes 12.7

By Kirk on September 29, 2017

Doug and Kirk take a close look at changes Apple has made to iTunes in its latest version, 12.7.

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  • I listened to both the Committed and the Next Track on my way to work today and both at least tangentially touch on an issue I’m quite upset with, and it’s that in the most recent iTunes update, Apple quietly dropped support for the first generation Apple TV. Now, you might say, “Hey, isn’t that device 10 years old?” Well, yes, but guess what? My 160GB ATV1 still works like a charm, and it has a great DAC and audio outputs (RCA and optical outs which Apple has since dropped in newer versions), but now, I have no way to sync any content to it. For people like me, with large audio and video collections, and who prefer local playback over streaming, this is our preferred device. Now, through an arguably forced update, Apple has locked the content on my devlce forever. Also, I’m pretty sure that if you have an iPod that is even older than 10 years, you can probably still sync content to it from iTunes 12.7, so this decision to stop connecting to it feels like a bully-ish move from Apple to strong-arm users into buying newer Apple TVs, even if you don’t like streaming. I’d love it if you guys can draw more attention to this!

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  • What I miss in 12.7 is the ability to edit a playlist. I was used to using edit playlist to see on the right hand side a list of the songs in the playlist, including the song’s number in the playlist. I make playlist from several sites and they often change a song or songs in the list. I don’t see in 12.7 how to re-organize a playlist. Doug’s script will help to edit the description.

    • Use a playlist window. Either right-click on a playlist’s name in the Sidebar and choose “Open in New Window” from the contextual menu or press the Command key and double-click the playlist’s name in the Sidebar. This will open the playlist in its own window.

      Edit in Songs view and make the columns you require visible using View Options (Command-J).

      Remember that when a playlist is sorted by Playing Order, you can drag the tracks around to re-order them.

  • Another handy thing about managing/updating apps in iTunes: You could delete neglected/misbehaving apps from your iPhone/iPad, but still keep tabs on updates/improvements to the app via iTunes. The game RampChamp had its first update in 4 years just a couple of months ago. The only way I knew that was by seeing the update in iTunes, since I had deleted the game off my device years ago. Same goes if one of these 32-bit apps that I miss ever updates to 64-bit.