Episode #91 – The Apple HomePod Sounds Great, Except When it Doesn’t

By Kirk on February 9, 2018

Kirk got his HomePod. He spent a couple of hours listening to music to judge the sound quality. In short, it sounds great at times, but at others it doesn’t.

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  • Kirk, thank you very much for the thorough review. You seem to imply that in many cases, HomePod’s problem is the gap between the tweeters and the woofer. Does this lead to the conclusion that it’s necessary to have a 3-way speaker for accurate reproduction of the widest range of music? Or is it that the HomePod just isn’t a good enough 2-way speaker, perhaps constrained by its size?

    • It’s not that it’s a two-way speaker; I’m listening to music right now on two-way speakers that are excellent. It’s that at that size, in order to provide low bass, the woofer is weaker in the higher end, and the tweeter doesn’t go low enough. I wouldn’t expect such a small speaker to be able to do any better. But maybe they’ll release a HomePod Pro with an additional mid-range. 😉