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A podcast about how people listen to music today.

About the show

Doug Adams and Kirk McElhearn discuss music and musicians, and how we listen to music, whether it be analog or digital, downloaded or streamed, audio, or video.

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  • Episode #286: Reach

    July 17th, 2024  |  29 mins 20 secs

    "Don’t confuse consumption with reach."

  • Episode #285: Is Classic Rock the New Classical Music

    July 3rd, 2024  |  27 mins 39 secs

    No one gets up in the morning and says, “I want to be in a classic rock band.”

  • Episode #284: You Can't Beat the System

    June 19th, 2024  |  29 mins 2 secs

    Something always goes wrong. "The grass may look great, but it's not real grass."

  • Episode #283: Another Green World

    June 5th, 2024  |  30 mins 1 sec

    Doug and Kirk discuss one of Brian Eno's best early albums, Another Green World.

  • Episode #282: Embracing the CD Revival

    May 22nd, 2024  |  29 mins 54 secs

    Continuing with our multi-episode arc, we discuss the joys of listening to CDs.

  • Episode #281: Kirk's New Audio Gear

    May 8th, 2024  |  31 mins 36 secs

    Kirk buys new audio gear for the first time in several years. Tech doesn't always work.

  • Episode #280: When CDs Won’t Play, and Other Tech Tales

    April 24th, 2024  |  29 mins 21 secs

    Tech is full of surprises.

  • Episode #279: Lyrics

    April 10th, 2024  |  27 mins 10 secs

    We discuss lyrics in popular music. Have they become simpler and angrier over the years?

  • Episode #278: Gear Acquisition Syndrome

    March 27th, 2024  |  28 mins 51 secs

    Gear Acquisition Syndrome, or GAS, affects people with many interests: musicians, photographers, and audiophiles. We discuss how this syndrome can affect people, and why people just want to keep buying more gear.

  • Episode #277: The Rise and Fall of the Rock Star, Part 2

    March 13th, 2024  |  29 mins 59 secs

    This time, Kirk chose three rock stars to discuss from David Hepworth's book Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of the Rock Stars 1955-1994.

  • Episode #276: The Rise and Fall of the Rock Star

    February 28th, 2024  |  32 mins

    We didn't all do our homework, but Doug discusses three chapters from David Hepworth's book Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of the Rock Stars 1955-1994.

  • Episode #275: Dead at the Sphere, Vision Pro, Grammys, Taylor Swift, the Superb Owl, and More

    February 14th, 2024  |  31 mins 11 secs

    We have a “two guys in a pub” episode, in which we talk about the next musical artist to perform at The Sphere: Dead & Company. We also discuss Apple’s new Vision Pro, the Grammys, Taylor Swift, the Superb Owl, and more.

  • Episode #274: OMD

    January 31st, 2024  |  28 mins 21 secs

    We discuss the first album by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, aka OMD, called Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. This was a foundational album in the synth-pop movement that started in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the UK.

  • Episode #273: Sheik Yerbouti

    January 17th, 2024  |  29 mins 24 secs

    Doug has long been a fan of Frank Zappa’s music, yet we’ve never spent an episode discussing it. In our irregular series looking at individual albums, we look at Zappa’s best-selling record, the 1979 Sheik Yerbouti.

  • Episode #272: Keef

    January 3rd, 2024  |  30 mins 9 secs

    Keith Richards is still alive. We recorded this episode on his 80th birthday, and we discussed how he is one of the most important guitarists in rock music, and the backbone of The Rolling Stones

  • Episode #271: New in Apple’s Music App

    December 20th, 2023  |  28 mins 54 secs

    Apple’s recent operating system updates have added some changes to the Music app. We look into these features and how they affect the way you manage your music.